Safety at Shannon Steel

Shannon Steel Inc. and its management are vitally interested in the health and safety of the company's employees.

Don't learn safety by accident!

Don't learn safety by accident

Protection of employees from injury or occupational hazard is a major continuing objective. We will make every effort to provide a safe, healthy work environment. All management and employees must be dedicated to the contuing objective of reducing risk of injury.

As your employer, Shannon Steel Inc. is ultimately responsible for your health and safety in the workplace. You have our commitment that every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect you in your workplace. Shannon Steel Inc. believes that quality and productivity are interrelated with workplace health and safety.

Supervisors will be held accountable for all health and safety of workers under their supervision. Supervisors are responsible to ensure that equipment, machinery, and working conditions are safe and that employees work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures. Staff must receive adequate training in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety.

Every worker must protect his or her own health and safety by working in compliance with the law and with safe work practices and procedures established by Shannon Steel Inc. It is in the best interests of all parties to consider health and safety in every workplace activity. A total commitment to health and safety must form an integral part of ths entire organization. "DON'T LEARN SAFETY BY ACCIDENT."

Mark Schaafsma
President of Shannon Steel Inc.

Integrity, Dedication & Quality Products

Shannon Steel has been involved in a variety of projects, ranging from schools to churches, as well as institutional buildings to factories and offices. Take a look at some of the recent projects Shannon Steel has taken on.

A little history about Shannon Steel Inc.

Shannon Steel came into being in October of 1964, the sole ownership of Nicolaas H. Schaafsma and was incorporated in 1968. In 2014, Shannon Steel was happy to celebrate 50 years in the structural steel industry!

Large or small, simple or complex

Our mission at Shannon Steel Inc. is to satisfy our customers’ structural steel needs by supplying quality products on schedule and at fair prices. We strive to meet this goal through experience, integrity and competence.

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